The struggle of finding clothes and bra's when your genuinely 'Big Boned'

Measurements, and why calculators dont always work for the bigger lady

I’ll add some reviews soon, promise! (Just ordered MORE stuff as well, so i need to catch up) My Boyfriend is gonna help get some pictures at the weekend, and iv been too ill the past few days.

SO, in the meantime, here’s the measurements post i promised:

Over-bust Measurement – 49 inches

Under-bust – 42 inches

Waist – 42 inches

Widest Point of Hips – 50 inches

Now, I gave up with online calculators and ‘guides’ for bra fitting and finding my shape a long time a go! On one bra size calculator (using the above measurements) I should be wearing a 46F, in a calculator that a lot of women online had said is excellent, I should be wearing a 42F. As for high street stores, I’ve been measured as everything from 48B-46DD.

After doing a survey of the small mountain of Bra’s in my draw (most of which had extenders on) I decided to order a few 42D bra’s when I finally found a site that sold nice, attractive ones, and so far, that seems to be a good fit for me.

As for body shapes, WELL, 2 different ‘Body Shape Calculators’ put me as a “Banana or Straight” figure.. I’m sorry, but my broad shoulders, so-called child-bearing hips, and can-be-nipped-in waist beg to differ. The only one that I have any success with is Evan’s Calculator, which can be found Here and uses what you see in the mirror rather that numbers on a tape measure.

My biggest problem with all of this, especially with bra’s, is the inability to buy nice, cute, sexy, bra’s and clothes in my size. In all of my searching, I have found one website that does bra’s in a 42D that don’t look like something my Nan would have worn.

Why is that fair?  Yes, I might be a ‘bigger girl’ but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to look good, and wear nice bra’s. Everyone does, no matter what their age, size, price range, and any other factor!

But what annoys me more, is that the 42 inch measurement that makes it so hard for me to buy bra’s? It’s not fat!. I could lose all the weight in the world, go down to being a size 12, and chances are, id still have those 42 inches stopping me from buying bra’s. Damn those ribs

I suppose that’s the price I pay for being BigBonedandAwkward 😉

(Damn that was cheesy….sorry) x


Stating my Intentions

I hope that people will find this blog, and that it will help someone similar to me find clothes and bra’s that fit them, and hopefully help them feel good about themselves. If not, then i suppose I’ll keep going without feedback or input until i have nothing left I can say 🙂

At the minute, I have a few posts planned, that ill type up and get published soon as I can. One of them is about body measurements (mine are a nightmare) and body shapes, which iv found can be difficult to identify when you have ‘Big Bones’.

Another post I have in mind at the minute is a few reviews of Bra’s iv recently purchased that actually fit me for a change, along with a few items of clothing, so hopefully things are looking up in the well-fitting bra/clothes department for the ‘Big Boned and Awkward Lady’ 🙂

If anyone has any other things they’d like to see from this blog, feel free to comment below, id love to hear suggestions x


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